Area students from the Moser School of Dance and Gymnastics who excelled at Iowa Falls were: front from left, Mackenzie Bries, Lucy Scherbring, Sylvia Kramer and Lydia Trumm; second row, Ella Davidshofer, Miya Pitz, Claire Jaeger, Ella Digmann and Ava Oberbroeckling; back row, Libby Knipper, Emma Oberbroeckling, Carley Hillebrand, Olivia Thier, Izzy Lutgen and Melanie Lutgen.

Thirty-one students from the Moser School of Dance and Gymnastic dominated the competition and placed first at the USTA Power Tumbling Meet in Iowa Falls, Jan. 12. There were 20 teams entered with around 350 athletes competing throughout the day.

Emma Oberbroeckling, Hannabelle Erickson, Ava Nolan, Isabella Barrett, Lily Schmitz, Megan Pierschbacher, Laura Pierschbacher, Kendall Wagner, Madelyn Troester, Hannah Seevell, Ava Seevell, Lainey Payne, Lily Harreld, Julia Kuennen, Lexi Opitz, Lexi Martin, Myra Peyton, Jayda Even, Ella Frieden, Adalyn Ostrander, Olivia Weston, Kennedi Benesh, Canaan Corcoran, Sutton Smith, Caleb Crane, Colton Wissmiller, Hadlee Erickson, Kadee Batterson, Allison Klingman, Rylee Atkinson and Lucy Scherbring all earned first-place trophies.

Additional place finishers included: second — Reagan Brown, Melanie Lutgen, Olivia Besler, Autumn Domeyer, Keely Recker, Ella Digmann, Madilyn Payne, Tucker Erickson, Lilly Shaw, Rylee Whittaker, Alyvia Snavely, Adalyn Fette, Chloe Smith, Claire Manning, Delaney Brown, Kennedi Bevans and Ellison Wissmiller; third — Olivia Thier, Makayla Gasper, Libby Knipper, Destiny Barnhart, Ella Davidshofer, Carlie Bergan, Griffan Ostrander, Violet Harreld, Ruby Gardner, Sophia Gardner, Sylvia Kramer, Morie Johnson, Jewel Hemry and Ava Oberbroeckling; fourth — Izzy Lutgen, Miya Pitz, Georgia Werger, Brooklynn Cline, Ella Krivanek, Mackenzie Bries, McKenna Casey, Lindsay Ruchti, Carlee Batterson, Izabelle Roach, Scarlett Benesh, Kena Johnson, Jessica Kracke and Lexus Fleming; fifth — Katelin Ante, Carley Hillebrand, Claire Jaeger, Avery Fette, Bailey Magnuson, Raelynn Coanner, Grace Anton, Leigha Hinrichs, Ruby West, Derby Holt, Josi Munger, Elizabeth Recker, Katie Lueck, Lauren Gogel, Brynn Bucknell and Lydia Trumm; sixth — Brooklin Ante, Kaja Johnson, Hannah Crane, Tory Kueter and Mattie Johnson; seventh — Kadee Gaul and Destiny Wall; eighth — Aaliyah Corcoran, Brynn Burlage, Emma Szopinski, Elizabeth Hilliard, Makenna Payne and Libby Burkle.

The Moser School is coached by Carmen Moser Payne, of Edgewood, Debbie Moser, of Dyersville, Bernita Moser, Kattie Payne Schulte and Luka Marie Schulte, of Strawberry Point.

“It was a really well organized, on time, great confidence builder meet. Moser athletes will continue to train and work hard to achieve to the best of their ability for the upcoming meets,” the coaches said.

“We are so appreciative of our very loyal, hard-working, and dedicated Moser Team members and their families, sub-beginners through elite levels,” they added.