Those earning state and national honors from the Moser School include: front from left, coach Debbie Moser, Kennedy Bulman, Mikya Britton, Elizabeth Recker, Melanie Lutgen, Ava Nolan and coach Luka Marie Schulte; back row, coach Carmen Moser Payne, Myra Clasen, Carter Phillips, Kennedy Collins, Annie Gulick, Chloe Bennett, coach Bernita Moser and coach Kattie Payne Schulte.

Several students from the Moser School of Dance and Gymnastics were recently recognized nationally by the USTA Power Tumbling organization and by the Iowa USTA organization for the 2019 competition season.

Because of their hard work, dedication, and loyalty to the sport and to the Moser School, seniors Myra Clasen and Chloe Bennett were awarded scholarships from the USTA which was voted on by the coaches and judges. Additionally, Clasen won the national scholarship out of a field of 42 athletes from across the country. Bennett won the Iowa USTA scholarship.

Clasen, advanced level, is the daughter of Cory and Sarah Clasen, of Peosta. She has been with the Moser School for six years. Clasen was also recognized for her first-year at advanced level during the 2019 USTA State Championships.

Bennett, intermediate Level, is the daughter of Clint and DeAnne Bennett, of Wheatland. She has been with the Moser School for five years.

Melanie Lutgen, 16, intermediate level, daughter of Mike and Beth Lutgen, of Dyersville, was awarded the 2019 Iowa USTA Sportsmanship Award demonstrating leadership and sportsmanship inside and outside of the gym. She has studied dance and gymnastics with Moser’s for nine years and has competed eight of those years.

Elizabeth Recker, advanced beginner level, daughter of Jamie and Amy Recker, of Fayette, has studied dance and gymnastics 11 years with the Moser School, has competed all 11 years. She was voted the Vickie Wilson Spirit Honor 2019 for good character, leadership, service to her family, team, school and community. It is awarded to an athlete who shows true spirit and compassion.

Kennedy Collins, 16, sub-advanced level, daughter of BJ and Becky Collins, of Jesup, was nominated for the 2019 Iowa Achievement Title for the State of Iowa for her dedication, loyalty and work ethic, and for being at the top of her level throughout her tumbling career. Collins has studied Dance and Gymnastics with the Moser School for six years and has competed all six of those years.

Ava Nolan,12, daughter of Ricky and Sarah Nolan and Rachelle and Jason Hesse, of Jesup, novice level, was awarded the Moser School’s Dedication and Loyalty Honor 2019 for always being a role model, being in the gym working to achieve to the best of her ability, her spirit, work ethic and never missing a chance to be in the gym. She has studied dance and gymnastics with the Moser School for six years and has competed for six years.

Mikya Britton, 14, sub-novice level, and Kennedy Bulman, 16, sub-novice level, were awarded the Moser School’s Perseverance and Loyalty Award 2019, for their never give up attitude, staying with it even through injuries, work ethic, dedication and being a role model.

Britton is the daughter of Kevin and Dawn Britton, of Dyersville, and has studied dance and gymnastics and competed for the Moser school for nine years. Bulman is the daughter of Melissa Hyde and Shane Carpenter, of Elkader, and has studied dance and gymnastics with the Moser School for seven years and competed four of those years.

Also being recognized at the 2019 USTA State Championships for his accomplishments during his second year at the elite level is Carter Phillips, 17. He is the son of Jason and Jill Phillips, of Dyersville, in his third year of tumbling with the Moser School and has competed all three years.

Annie Gulick, 14, daughter of Steve and Tina Gulick, of Dyersville, was recognized at the state championships for her first year at the advanced level. She has studied dance and gymnastics with the Moser School 12 years and has competed 10 of those years.

Coaches Carmen Moser Payne and Bernita Moser were nominated for the 2019 National Coach of the Year honor.

Debbie Moser, Dyersville, Carmen Moser Payne, Edgewood, Bernita Moser, Kattie Payne Schulte and Luka Marie Schulte, Strawberry Point, are the coaches of the Moser School.

“We could not be more proud of our hard-working, dedicated and loyal dancers and gymnasts and we appreciate all our students and their families for their continued support,” the coaches said.

The Moser School has been teaching area youth for 40-plus years and has been competing with USTA Power Tumbling since 1985. Each year, the school has athletes, sub-beginner through elite levels, that advance to the national level of competition.