Cascade traveled to Anamosa Sept. 17 and suffered a 3-1 loss in River Valley Conference volleyball action.

The games were close, but the Blue Raiders won the first two, 27-25, 25-16. The Cougars regrouped and battled to a 25-19 win. In the fourth set, Anamosa came away with a 25-21 win to seal the match.

Cascade’s statistical leaders were: serving — Molly McElmeel 15-of-15, Aliyah Weber 14-of-15, Jess Hoffman 14-of-14, Ally Hoffman 11-of-14, Abby Welter 11-of-13, Brooke Denniston 8-of-10; kills — Welter 14, McElmeel 13, Ally Hoffman 10; blocks — Ally Hoffman, Trumm and Welter two, Fransen one; digs — Denniston 19, Ally Hoffman 16, McElmeel 13, Jess Hoffman 12, Weber 11, Welter seven, Fransen four; assists — Jess Hoffman 36.

At the Springville Tournament Sept. 21, Cascade went 3-2 to move the Cougars’ overall record to 14-5.

Cascade opened with a 2-0 win over Belle Plaine, 21-19, 21-15. Cascade’s leaders were: serving — Molly McElmeel 10-of-10, Aliyah Weber 8-of-8, Brooke Denniston 7-of-7, Ally Hoffman 6-of-6, Jess Hoffman 5-of-5, Abby Welter 4-of-5; kills — McElmeel and Welter six; blocks — Ally Hoffman and Welter one; digs — McElmeel 11, Denniston seven, Ally Hoffman and Jess Hoffman four; assists — Jess Hoffman 14.

Cascade faced Central City next with the Wildcats taking the first game, 26-24. Cascade righted the ship to win the next two, 21-14, 15-10. The Cougars’ leaders were: serving — McElmeel 15-of-16, Ally Hoffman 10-of-10, Jess Hoffman 10-of-10, Welter 9-of-10, Weber 7-of-7, Denniston 3-of-5; kills — Welter 10, Ally Hoffman, McElmeel and Trumm five; blocks — Welter three, McElmeel two; digs — Denniston 13, McElmeel 10, Ally Hoffman eight, Weber seven, Jess Hoffman six; assists — Jess Hoffman 16.

North Cedar defeated Cascade, 2-1. The Knights won the first set, 21-13, but the Cougars took the second, 22-20. In the deciding set, North Cedar prevailed, 15-12. Leading Cascade were: serving — Weber 11-of-12, Jess Hoffman 8-of-8, Hoffman 7-of-7, McElmeel 7-of-7, Welter 7-of-8, Denniston 4-of-5; kills — McElmeel five, Welter four; blocks — Ally Hoffman two, McElmeel and Trumm one; digs — Denniston 19, Jess Hoffman and McElmeel eight, Ally Hoffman seven,; assists — Jess Hoffman 11.

Jesup scored a set one win over Cascade, 25-20. After the Cougars answered with a 25-21 win in set two, the J-Hawks took the deciding set, 15-5. Cascade’s leaders were: serving — McElmeel 15-of-15, Jess Hoffman 9-of-9, Weber 8-of-10, Ally Hoffman 8-of-9, Welter 5-of-6, Denniston 3-of-3; kills — McElmeel eight, Ally Hoffman and Welter six; blocks — McElmeel and Trumm one; digs — Denniston 10, Ally Hoffman six, McElmeel five; assists — Jess Hoffman 22.

The Cougars closed out the day on a high note with a 21-17, 21-17 win over Springville. Cascade’s leaders were: serving — Weber 14-of-14, McElmeel 8-of-9, Denniston 5-of-5, Ally Hoffman 5-of-5, Jess Hoffman 3-of-3, Welter 3-of-5; kills — Welter eight, Ally Hoffman seven; blocks — Ally Hoffman and Welter one; digs — Denniston 11, McElmeel seven, Ally Hoffman and Welter five; assists —Jess Hoffman 13.