Cascade’s first volleyball match of the season kept fans on the edge of their seats throughout. The Cougars started their season off with a win at home, 3-2, over MFL MarMac (25-19, 20-25, 25-17, 14-25, 15-13).

Although they earned the win, the Cougars struggled to find the consistency that head coach Mary Frake was looking for to start off the year.

“The team as a whole let their emotions get the best of them tonight, and because of that, they weren’t able to find consistency in the offense,” Frake said.

“I do however think that the back row players did excellent tonight,” Frake added. “We were also serving very aggressively and changed things up as we saw fit against MFL”.

Cascade’s leaders were: serving — Aliyah Weber 16-of-16, Molly McElmeel 14-of-14, Jess Hoffman 14-of-15, Ally Hoffman 13-of-14, Abby Welter 18-of-20 and Brooke Denniston 8-of-11; kills — Welter 15, Ally Hoffman 11, McElmeel 10, Isabelle Fransen and Lilly Trumm eight and Jess Hoffman one; blocks — Trumm two, Ally Hoffman and Welter one; digs — Jess Hoffman 15, Molly McElmeel 14, Denniston 12, Ally Hoffman 10, Weber nine, Welter six and Fransen three, assists — Jess Hoffman 42; ace serves — Welter four, Denniston three, Ally Hoffman, Jess Hoffman, McElmeel two, Weber one.