Cascade had a great week last week as the Cougars improved to 16-5 with a pair of road wins.

The Cougars opened the week Sept. 24 with a 3-1 win over the rival Monticello Panthers, 25-14, 15-25, 25-23, 25-23)

The first game went as planned for the Cougars, who came out on top with ferocity. Their second game was a loss, but they ended up coming back in the next two which were close and down to the wire the entire time.

Cascade’s leaders were: serving — Ally Hoffman 22-of-23, Jess Hoffman 16-of-17, Molly McElmeel 12-of-12, Aliyah Weber 11-of-12, Brooke Denniston 11-of-13, Julia Ludwig 6-of-6,; blocks — Lilly Trumm seven, Abby Welter three, Ally Hoffman two, Isabelle Fransen and McElmeel one; digs — Ally Hoffman 19, Denniston 16, McElmeel 12, Jess Hoffman and Weber 11, Welter four, Fransen and Ludwig two, Trumm one; kills — McElmeel and Welter 12, Ally Hoffman nine, Fransen and Trumm two; assists— Jess Hoffman 30.

Cascade traveled to Iowa City Regina Sept. 26 and earned a 3-2 win, 18-25, 25-12, 27-25, 15-25, 15-8.

After losing the first game, the Cougars knew that they needed to change up their plan of attack to win, which they did, winning the next twp games. Regina came back to tie up the match 2-2, but Cascade pushed back and won the last game pushing their record to 16-5.

Leading Cascade were: serving – McElmeel 23-of-24, Ally Hoffman 21-of-23, Weber 16-of-16, Jess Hoffman 13-of-15, Welter 10-of-11, Ludwig 3-of-3, Denniston 1-of-4; blocks — Trumm four, McElmeel 2, Ally Hoffman, Jess Hoffman and Welter one; digs — Denniston 23, Weber 20, Ally Hoffman 19, Jess Hoffman and McElmeel 15, Welter six, Isabelle Fransen five, Trumm four, Ludwig one; kills — Welter 20, McElmeel 15, Jess Hoffman six, Ally Hoffman five, Trumm four, Fransen one; assists — Jess Hoffman 41.