Cascade bowlers were handed some tough circumstances for their 2019-20 season. A fire late last summer at Cascade Lanes took away their home bowling alley. Throughout the year, they traveled for practice to KC Lanes in Dyersville and hosted all of their meets either in Monticello at Legacy Lanes or in Farley at Cobra Lanes.

Nonetheless, the Cougar boys had a few highs this season. Senior Zack Green rolled the front 10 strikes against Monticello, Jan. 27, before finishing with a 287 game and a 474 series. That 287 game is the highest score ever recorded by a Cascade bowler during a meet.

Junior Ray Martin also put his mark on the season as he finished third at the Cougars’ state-qualifying meet with a 432 series (178-254). He was only behind Carter Hancock 455 (240-215), from Wahlert, and Dawson Weber 443 (209-234), from Bellevue.

Three seniors were part of the varsity squad this season. Green, Isaac Hogan and Sam Noonan will be graduating this spring. All three of those bowlers averaged higher than 150 this year and had a high series of 400 or higher.

The Cascade girls will be losing a bigger chunk of their team this spring as they have four seniors. Nicole Finzel, Halle Keenlance, Erin Knipper and Jessica Kremer will all be graduating in the coming months.

Knipper led the team in individual game average this season with a 139.8, and she had the highest score at the Cougars’ state-qualifying meet with a 312 (131-181). The Cougars finished fifth at the meet but were ahead of Waukon who rolled a 1,741.

As a team, they averaged 1,905.3, had a 125.1 individual game and 130.8 baker game score.

The 2019-20 Cascade Cougar varsity boys’ bowlers with their single-game average, high game and high series: Green 152.2, 287 and 474; Hogan 168.7, 216 and 422; Noonan 169.4, 224 and 400; Brennan Booth 110.9, 153 and 239; Nolan Frasher 144.6, 186 and 323; Vic Kauder 128.8, 171 and 271; Ray Martin 188.8, 254 and 441; and Jared Weber 140.4, 185 and 356. The team had a match score average of 2,393.7.

The girls’ bowlers with their single-game average, high game and high series: Finzel 119, 149 and 259; Keenlance 135.8, 178 and 323; Knipper 139.8, 185 and 342; Kremer 135, 167 and 323; Lillian Bruns 82.8, 106 and 189; Emma Cram 118.3, 148 and 269; Ella Madson 89.6, 107 and 202; Madeline Manternach 98.4, 128 and 239; and Ceyaira Mcfarland 96, 121 and 214.