Dubuque has been adding murals around its city. It has now been named one of the best on Parade magazine’s “Murals Across America.” Elkader, which is smaller than Cascade, has artists paint murals on businesses in an alley that runs through downtown. Maquoketa is now getting into the act of adding color to its business area. Cedar Rapids has local artists decorate its storm sewers with art work which inform the public, that litter, especially plastic, will enter their storm sewer system, the river, and eventually the ocean. Some cities in Japan decorate their manhole covers to add color and interesting art to their cities.

Cascade has some interesting history. That history could be portrayed on the flood walls, and bridge openings, along the river front. Perhaps the phone company could add to the scene from River Park by covering the drab cobbled look of the backside of its building across the river.

I would think some local artists could come up with interesting art work designs depicting our history — the town that saved the circus, and Hall of Fame Pitcher Red Faber, our town’s baseball history, also, the original mill and 20-foot waterfall. Maybe a joint contribution from the city, the chamber, and local utility could find funds to accomplish this. These other towns did.