The Heart and Soul process has been taking place in Cascade for a relatively short time. What we have learned through meetings with various groups is an affirmation of why we choose to call Cascade our home:

• Cascade is a friendly and welcoming community that is a safe place to raise a family.

• Cascade is blessed with several opportunities for employment.

• New businesses are moving into town and existing businesses are expanding creating opportunities for employment.

• Our schools are providing excellent educational opportunities for our youth.

• The people of Cascade are willing to roll up their sleeves to help a neighbor, someone in need or a cause that needs support.

An additional component of the Heart and Soul process is uncovering what areas in our community need improvement. We need this sharing to come from all members of the Cascade community as it is vitally important to the success of our mission.

So if you are asked to participate in a group sharing event please say yes and attend. Your attendance and your input will help make Cascade a better community for all of us.