When I woke up to find out that Happy Joe’s had had a fire, I was filled with a rush of memories — as I’m sure many Cascade residents and former residents experienced. These may seem inconsequential, but here are some memories that I have from Happy Joes in no particular order.

• I remember eating onion rings there with friends in high school. Our thing was ordering onion rings and ranch dressing and taking weird photos of ourselves in the Happy Joe’s parking lot.

• I remember the balloon machine. I loved watching while it blew up balloon after balloon. It was named Fanky Malloon, which is hilarious.

• I remember when the new bar opened and the day before Thanksgiving at Happy Joe’s was basically homecoming.

• I remember accompanying my dad whenever we ordered takeout. I always held the pizza while he drove, stealthily peeking inside so that he wouldn’t notice.

• I remember the dessert pizza at the lunch buffet. This was hands down my favorite part about the lunch buffet.

• I remember moonwalking with friends on the slick floors of the bowling alley. We were so cool.

• I remember getting a chocolate milkshake during the week following my wisdom teeth procedure. This was probably not the wisest choice for the rest of my teeth.

• Whenever my family gets together, we order Happy Joe’s pizza and let out a collective sigh of relief, catching up with one another around my parent’s kitchen table.

Thank goodness they’re rebuilding. We love you, Happy Joe’s.