Roger Kurt and his wife, Aggie, ski on New Year’s Eve Day.

Roger Kurt is a lawyer with Kurt Law Office in Cascade and Dubuque. He was born on a farm in Cascade to Herb and Dotty Kurt.

“I went to school in the Cascade Catholic systems, which was St. Mary’s and then Aquin High School,” said Kurt. “I graduated in 1973, got my undergrad degree at the University of Northern Iowa in 1976, and went to the University of Iowa Law School from 1980-82.”

Kurt began practicing law in a firm in Waverly for two years before returning to the Cascade area, and joining his brother, Larry Kurt, in an established law practice in the Cascade and Dubuque areas.

“We joined together,” said Kurt, “and purchased the building where I currently am at 212 Main St. in Cascade. I practiced with Larry for many years. He passed away in 1994, and I’ve been practicing there in that same building ever since.”

While in Cascade, Kurt dealt with a variety of legal work.

“It’s been a general practice over the years,” he said, “but the most recent practice has been centered mostly on the drafting of wills, trusts, probate, tax work and real estate. Those are the major areas of my practice at this time. I do all sorts of work for farmers in the Cascade area and other people that live in town. I do a lot of work with people buying and selling homes, as well as a lot of the small businesses in Cascade.”

Kurt enjoys being a part of the Cascade community and being able to provide a service to his hometown.

He said, “It’s very rewarding over the years to work in the area of Cascade where I grew up, to work for a lot of folks that I’ve known all my life.”