For the second time in two months, homeowners Angie and Marvin Manternach spoke to the Cascade City Council during Monday’s meeting to find out what, if anything, the city would do about water damage that occurred in the basement of their home at 419 1st Ave. West during a heavy rainfall June 15.

The Manternachs had previously presented the city with an itemized list of appliances that were damaged when excess stormwater from Garfield Street resulted in enough water rushing up against their home that it pushed out a basement window, flooding the basement.

The Manternachs submitted a list of replacement costs which was first discussed during the Aug. 26 council meeting. At that time, Angie Manternach said the City’s insurance company denied the claim, saying because it wasn’t a plugging issue, the City was not at fault. Manternach’s insurance wouldn’t touch it because it was considered a flooding situation.

City Administrator Deanna McCusker re-submitted the claim, but again it was denied for the same reason.

During Monday’s meeting, Councilmember Bill Hosch said, “Something happened on Garfield, where more water crosses it than before. Water is curb to curb, regardless. I think we have a certain responsibility to the homeowners.”

Mayor Greg Staner agreed. “I think we have an excess of water going to that corner.”

Marvin Manternach assured the council that the affected window opening had been blocked and sealed.

After further discussion, the council voted unanimously to authorize the Manternachs to replace the appliances as needed, and the City established a ceiling of $5,187 to spend on the replacements — the estimate the Manternachs first submitted.