Lindsay Staner has been growing her own flowers ever since she moved to the countryside outside Cascade with her family five years ago. Over this past year, she decided to expand to seed-starting and has recently grown to brand it as a side business named Our Little Greenhouse.

“I’ve always had a love for flowers and art,” said Staner. “I’ve also always done my own annual flowers and known what I wanted to start with, so I decided to start doing them by seed. I started with a little seed-starting shop inside my husband’s machine shop. This year it grew a bit bigger and I reached out to family, friends and neighbors to try them out since I had more than usual. It gave me the idea to get bigger and my husband has plans to build an outdoor greenhouse this fall in the hopes we get to do more hanging baskets, annuals and potted flowers for springtime.”

Staner said the greenhouse will occupy their yard and consist of a little garden shed for the seed-starting shop, as well as a lean-to with the greenhouse panels. Currently, Our Little Greenhouse focuses on annual flowers, but Staner said she has plans to expand in more directions.

“Right now it’s a lot of annuals like petunias, marigolds, geraniums, things like that. I’m in hopes to do more seasonal ones in the future like mums for the fall. We’ll probably start with a few perennials this upcoming year, but otherwise a lot of already-arranged hanging baskets and pre-potted plants. If you wanted to get a six-pack of petunias, I’d hope to have those too in flats. I also hope to do veggie transplants like tomatoes and pepper plants people want to buy to put in their own garden.”

In addition to flowers, Our Little Greenhouse also provides homemade crafts created from natural materials.

“I also have a very crafty side to me,” said Staner. “I’ve done what I call pebble art and simple wood crafts, so anything along the natural line for artwork. The pebble art is the most unique thing I have on the craft side of things and it’s customizable. I do a lot for families or lost loved ones and I can customize them with words too.”

Staner said she’s “combining the two worlds” of gardening and crafts and has already made appearances at Cascade’s summer vendor shows. For those interested in placing orders or following the development of Our Little Greenhouse, Staner said the best place to go is her Facebook page at

“Any of my updates are going to start on Facebook. In the spring I hope to have a couple of open houses, but since I run it out of my home, I don’t have any set hours. I’ll also try to list all the upcoming events I’ll be at.”