Danyelle Fagan and her husband Zack.

Cascade resident Danyelle Fagan seems to have a knack for winning prizes on talk shows. On July 8 at 7:15 a.m., she received a call inviting her to take part in the Live with Kelly and Ryan morning talk show, where she soon won a six-night trip to Savannah, Ga., complete with food credits, a spa credit and a hotel, all valued at $6,000.

This isn’t Fagan’s first big talk show prize, however. In 2012, she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show as an audience contestant and won a $5,000 gift card to Target.

“I went to Los Angeles with some friends to see the Ellen DeGeneres show,” said Fagan. “While we were there, they were scoping out the audience and I got picked to play “Wheel of Beauty.” It was a game where I had to spin this wheel with makeup on my face and avocados and shaving cream in my hair.”

Approximately a month later, Fagan was called back to the show on an all-expense-paid trip and won a 32-inch TV.

Fagan said, “About a month later they called me back and said I was one of Ellen’s favorites and they flew me back to Los Angeles, paid for my hotel room, and I played the game “Sorry Spin,” which is a very hard game to play. There are two moving dials in opposite directions, like a large version of the game “Sorry”, and you have to go across these spinning dials without falling, but there’s another person shooting dodgeballs at you. I lost, but we both ended up winning the TV.”

Fagan’s most recent talk show victory on Live with Kelly and Ryan saw her trying to stump the hosts with a true and false statement before being subjected to a trivia question.

“I had to give them a true statement and a false statement,” said Fagan. “My false statement was that I saw Dolly Parton in a grocery store in Nashville, and my true statement was that I was left on top of a Ferris Wheel when the guy running it forgot about me and walked away. Kelly figured out that my false statement was the Dolly one because she asked me what Dolly smells like and I didn’t know. Kelly said if you’ve ever been anywhere near Dolly Parton you know she smells like roses. If you stump them with that, you get to win a Kelly and Ryan coffee mug, so I didn’t win that.”

While she didn’t win the coffee mug, Fagan’s knowledge of the show netted her a far bigger prize in the form of the Savannah vacation.

She said, “I work from home and watch the show every day, so I know what kind of questions they ask. Vivica Fox was on the day before and the question was ‘Where does Vivica Fox plan on spending her birthday?’ The answer was Montego Bay, Jamaica.”

Fagan is currently unsure when she’ll be able to use her prize, but hopes to use it on her anniversary, Dec. 31.