The Iowa Department of Education released data on performance profiles which show schools in the Western Dubuque School District performing at or above state averages.

The Iowa School Performance Profiles is an online tool showing how public schools perform on required measures. Overall performance scores are based on a scale of 100. Results for schools may be found at

At Western Dubuque, each school building fell into either the high-performing or commendable designation.

• Dyersville Elementary School — High Performing (61.93)

• Epworth Elementary School — High Performing (64.25)

• Farley Elementary School — High Performing (63.04)

• Peosta Elementary School — Commendable (60.23)

• Cascade Elementary School — High Performing (62.67)

• Drexler Middle/Intermediate School — Commendable (59.2)

• Cascade Jr.-Sr. High School — High Performing (63.61)

• Western Dubuque High School — Commendable (60.49)

District Director of Curriculum and Assessment, Kelly Simon, said the results speak to the work done by teachers and administrators. “We feel fantastic about these scores, we really do. We said from the get-go we would take all the factors that are real right now — things like the pandemic and society today. We took all that seriously but said we wouldn’t use that as a reason not to grow. We’ve been training for this. We have been talking for years, developing strategies to keep kids safe and do what’s right by them and continue to grow no matter what’s thrown at us.”

In addition to English/language arts and math scores, the profile also includes a Conditions for Learning survey, which measures school safety, student engagement and the overall learning environment.

“We take that Conditions for Learning survey seriously because that is where the kids are telling us how they feel. And if they don’t feel safe and secure, that is where the academic pieces will be impacted. So the schools that was calculated in and showed positive calculation was huge for us. It showed students feel safe at school and feel their teachers care for them given all that life has thrown at them the past couple years.”