During his normal report at the Jones County Board of Supervisors meeting, Jones County Engineer Derek Snead updated board members on the work that’s gone into rehabbing the county’s bridges over the past seven years.

In 2013, the county had 52 weight-restricted structures.

“Since that time, we’ve allocated a lot of bridge funds, a lot of local funds, a lot of local labor to replace, rehabilitate, close, remove… a number of these structures,” Snead said. “Probably more than half we’ve done in house.”

That work ranged from widening the structures to make them safer for travel to just making adjustments to the structures to give them a longer life.

All of that work has resulted in just 10 posted structures today. Of the remaining structures, there are some, like one bridge on 25th Avenue that leads to a single residence, that aren’t necessarily in need of an upgrade.

“Having zero, while that would be very good, is not of supreme importance,” Snead said.

There are a couple of bridges that are still on the county’s program to get fixed, including Buffalo Road, a bridge by Oxford Junction on X64 and a bridge on Madison Road. Some of the bridges that are currently posted are in good shape but were built before regulations changed and so won’t be replaced for a while.

With all the work the county has done over the past number of years, there’s also the matter of having fewer funds available for bridge projects.

After all the work, the county is tied for fifth-best when it comes to the amount of structurally deficient bridges.