After serving the City of Cascade for 14 years, Mayor Greg Staner is stepping down from his office.

Born and raised in Cascade, Staner served his first council term of two years before becoming mayor in 2008. After those years were up, he stepped back from public life for a time to prioritize family before returning for another four years on the council followed by four more years as mayor.

Staner said he was first motivated to join local politics out of a desire to see more amenities brought to town for ease of access.

“Back then I wanted to see certain things brought to the City of Cascade,” he said. “I wanted convenience brought in for people to have more access to certain things without having to leave Cascade for everything. At first, I was on the council, then mayor for four years, then I left for a couple of years because of the age my kids were at. I had several people encourage me to come back, so I came back on and have been working with the city ever since.”

During his time in office, Staner helped to bring major improvements to Cascade in both essential utility upgrades and quality of life but said his greatest accomplishment has been being able to work with the people of Cascade.

“We’ve been able to get a lot done like the swimming pool, new wastewater treatment facility, new water tower system and a big project of working with developers to get the downtown renovated.

“There’s been so much we’ve been able to do, but the biggest reason is because of the people of Cascade. None of this would have been possible without being able to work with them.”

Regarding his declining to run for another turn as mayor, Staner said he feels it’s time for other people to take the reins at this point.

“It’s just time,” he said. “I think everything comes time. I’ve done as much as I can do right now and I think it’s just time for new people to step up and take it further or in whatever direction they choose to go. I think everybody needs to know when to step away.”

As a final farewell, Staner wishes to thank the people of Cascade for the privilege of serving them.

“I would just like to thank the people of Cascade for allowing me to be able to work with them and work for them. I think we’ve had a good run and it’s been an honor to be able to serve the city of Cascade.”