The Cascade City Council approved a motion to begin the process of transferring most garbage and recycling pickup locations from alleyways to curbside at its Oct. 11 meeting. The process will be mostly carried out by Republic Service, the company in charge of waste disposal in Cascade. Due to difficulties involving the condition of many alleys in Cascade and the complications of bringing heavy trucks down the alleys, Republic Service has chosen to refrain from taking their trucks down alleys in the future. These trucks weigh approximately 17 tons when empty and 26 tons when fully loaded, making them unsuited for unpaved surfaces.

Both the city and Republic Services understand that switching to curbside might be difficult for some homes due to their design, especially on the west side of town, as well as various individuals who lack the physical ability to carry their waste to the front of their property. Republic Services has promised to work with people on a case-by-case basis to arrange a system that works well for all parties. Republic Services also expressed interest in collecting the phone numbers of their clients so people can be directly notified in real-time of developments that will affect pickup, such as weather.

The 2nd Avenue SE Water System Improvement Project is nearing completion and relocated the placement of a new fire hydrant to the north side of the street. Curb and gutter have been finished on the project, as well as most of the services, but seeding and grading still remain to be done.

The council discussed conceptional engineering for the area next to the Coohey Trail and city shop. The plan is to improve the parking area, connect the Coohey Trail to 1st Avenue and install a picnic structure along with inviting landscaping. The city engineer was assigned to put together a preliminary concept as a starting point, after which a work session for the council will be held that will be open to the public.

Dirt will soon be added to the Coohey Trail to create a more gradual slope from the repaved trail to the grass. This is primarily for ease of mowing the trail’s edges.

In other news:

The council approved the annual disbursement of incremental property tax revenue rebate for Callahan Construction, River Bend Retirement Community, Premium Plant Services and McDermott Oil for the 2022 fiscal year.