Fresh pork cuts on display in the quality meat section of Brothers Market.

Brothers Market offers a wide range of fresh pork cuts made on location.

“It’s all fresh pork cut here,” said Mark Sievers, manager of Brothers Market. “We don’t get any prepackaged meats.”

While 80% of the pork sold by Brothers Market consists of the loin and shoulder, Sievers said those two alone are the only sections of meat required to make a majority of unique pork cuts for various recipes.

“The most popular cuts are the boneless center-cut pork chops, which come from pork loins. Then you have the bone-in chops, which is also the pork loin, just with the bone left in it. The pork loin and shoulder are the two biggest pork staple products. It’s what you can make dozens of different cuts from.

“With a boneless pork loin, you can get roasts, chops, breakfast cuts, it doesn’t change what you’re cutting, it’s just how you cut it. They all come from that one muscle. Bone-in shoulder is where you get pork steaks and roasts from, as well as country-style ribs.”

Sievers explained that the process used by the majority of meat markets these days is to order the meat pre-butchered and make customized cuts from there, rather than buying directly from producers and beginning with an entire carcass.

“We have a handful of vendors we can buy from, but most of it comes directly from an American Wholesale Grocers warehouse we’re affiliated with in Kansas City. A lot of our pork is Smithfield brand and comes to us in what we call ‘butcher-block ready’.

“We’re not the packing plant, it gets cut, packaged and we buy it. It comes in fresh and we take it out of the package to create our product from the whole. It’s pretty much what everybody does now unless there’s a smaller meat market that would do their own butchering and bring in a whole-carcass animal. We don’t do any of that.”

From those block-ready meats, Brothers Market meat department creates and sells what Sievers referred to as the “full-line” of cuts. These include bone-in, boneless, pork loins, and all associated cuts like assorted chops, butterfly, America’s cut, Iowa’s cut, center-cut pork loins and pork loin roasts.

In the pork shoulder cuts category, known by many as the Boston Butt Roast or smoking roast they sell country-style ribs, pork steak and the actual pork shoulder. In the ribs category, there are baby back ribs, spare ribs, and St. Louis style.

“We carry the full line of pork, so we can satisfy anyone’s pork needs.”

In addition to the pork cuts themselves, Brothers Market also supplies common side dishes to go with the main course.

“We always want to cross-merchandiser, so we have side dishes on sale. The meat department itself carries a wide range of mashed potatoes and macaronis. The deli has all their deli salads like macaroni and potato salads. All that stuff goes well with pork. Of course, baked beans and pork are hard to beat.”