From left, Daniel, Angie and Harper Link pose on equipment at Community Park, in the community they’re glad to call “home.”

Cascade resident Angie Link has never been one to shy away from trying new things and adventures, and it was an unexpected but positive turn in her life that led her to discovering something she didn’t even know about herself.

“I work at Aquin Little Angels,” Link explained. “I’m the lead teacher of the Latchkey (school-aged) room and during the normal school year, I am the assistant teacher for 3-year-old preschool while the big kids are at school.”

While wanting to work with children is often a vocational goal that begins early in life, it came to Link much later. “While it was a major career change, I love my job and find it so rewarding. Something that started as a good move for my family turned into a true passion that I didn’t realize I had.”

Her path to life in Cascade began with an early childhood spent in Epworth, followed by a move to Cascade when Link was in the fourth grade. She attended both Cascade Elementary and Aquin Elementary schools before moving on to Cascade Jr./Sr. High School. Her activities were varied at CHS, as Link participated in student council, cheerleading, speech and drama.

She spent her senior year attending the NICC alternative learning program, graduating in 2001 with her CHS diploma and was one of the speakers for her class at NICC.

After living in Florida and Cedar Rapids, Link decided to move back to Cascade to raise her daughter, Harper, 7. Her Son, Daniel, 6, soon followed, and Link was able to hone her eventual Little Angels skills by practicing with her nine nieces and nephews.

She laughs at the idea of free time, but Link said when those precious moments are available that she likes to spend quality time with her children, putter in the garden, read, do crafts, flip furniture and enjoy time outside when the weather allows.

A self-professed “nerd,” Link said she enjoys learning new things, especially those that have to do with science and history. She also has a motorcycle license and used to own a bike and ride, before she had kids.

Link has consciously chosen to make life for her and her children in Cascade, and she’s excited to call it her home town. “I love the schools, the kindness of the community, and the beauty of the landscape/scenery. I also love seeing Cascade growing and changing with the times.”

When asked how she’d most like to be remembered, her reply had nothing to do with working, per se, but indicated that she is constantly working and evolving into the type of person she is proud to be.

“I hope people see how much I care about others,” she said. “I try to let love flow from me and extend kindness to everyone. No matter my circumstances, I try to help in any way I can and strive to be an example of peace and kindness.”

Not only does she find this life-view extremely rewarding, but also reciprocal in nature. “You get what you give in life, and it’s more fun and rewarding when you’re happy and positive. Also, I don’t give up and I stand strong in my beliefs. As a full-time single mom of two, things get hard — but I show up every day and give it my all. No matter the struggle, I try to put a smile on my face, find my strength through positivity, and get through it.”

It sounds like a valuable lesson she can pass on to the adults in her life, just as she passes on wisdom to her young charges at Little Angels.

Link is not alone in wondering at times about things that are going on in today’s world, but she does not view them in desperation. “The world right now is a strange, complicated and scary place but if we want to get through it, we need to come together. We need to support each other and lift each other up. Life isn’t all about politics, but it is all about humanity.”

She added, “Spread joy, positivity, and kindness. Teach future generations these traits and be a good example. Love yourself and let your cup overflow with that love and spill on everyone you meet.”