From left, Randy Lyons, Jason McDermott and Linda Hoffmann share a moment at Lyons Service Center, in Cascade, Dec. 29.

For over 60 years, there has been a locally owned and family-operated service station at the corner of 1st Avenue and Highway 136 in Cascade. That will continue to be true, as Cascade’s McDermott Oil Company took ownership of the iconic Lyons Service Center, Dec. 23.

Lyons has been more than a place to fill up the tank over the years, offering towing and recovery, auto repairs, maintenance, tires and more. Throw in all the amenities of the convenience store, along with plenty of good conversation, and Lyons has been a frequent destination for Cascade residents.

While McDermott’s will now oversee the day-to-day operation of the Cascade landmark, its loyal customers won’t see many differences moving forward.

“Not much is going to change other than we’re going to go with the Amoco brand. There’s a lot of loyalty to the Amoco flag that was around here for years. We think it will give this its own identity. It’s a sharp look and a sharp image that we’re happy with,” said new owner Jason McDermott. “We’re going to continue to call this Lyons Service Center. We couldn’t be happier. We’re excited to have Lyons join our McDermott Oil family.”

When the opportunity presented itself to purchase the business from previous owners Jake and Jackie McAllister — who operated the business for 2 1/2 years — McDermott moved forward to add another location.

“We had been looking to add a store or two to the five we already operate and it was a random conversation with the previous owners that led to this. We told them we were looking and they said they might be willing to sell. It went from there,” McDermott said. “It’s well established. Jake and Jackie did a great job and we’re really happy Randy (Lyons) and Linda (Hoffmann) are staying with us.”

“They are going to be here every day like they have been for the last 50 (years). It’s a successful business here, it’s in great shape, and we’re looking forward to continuing on as is.”

Lyons and Hoffmann will carry forward the family legacy.

“I’ve been here going on 50 years. There’s nothing changing here except the fuel rebranded to Amoco. As far as the shop, the C-store and the service, it’s all going to be the same,” Lyons said. “My sister Linda and I are going to stay here and keep everything running as smoothly as it’s been for the last 60-some years.”

Hoffmann explained the meaning of continuing onward and the importance of Lyons to the close-knit community.

“Mom and Dad bought this corner in 1961. I always joke that I was born upstairs,” Hoffmann explained. “We’ve been on this corner for so long and mom and dad have been good to the community. Our family motto has always been ‘Community Committed’ and our goal is to continue that tradition.”

Lyons Service Center has been a place many of Cascade’s young people have worked over the years, including one of the community’s more celebrated citizens.

“We’ve had hundreds of workers go through here. This was Gary Dolphin’s first job in high school. I always told him he started in public relations pumping gas here,” said Hoffmann. “We’ve always been able to hire people that needed a job. We never had to advertise because we knew the parents and we knew the kids.”

McDermott plans for Lyons to be on the downtown corner for years to come.

“It’s been 60-plus years here for the Lyons family, and we’re not going to change that,” he said. “We’re excited they are continuing on with us.”