Three property owners seek to place advertisements on silos, barns and other buildings near the Field of Dreams movie site in advance of an upcoming Major League Baseball game.

Neil Spoden, Gary Burkle and Matt Mescher are seeking special use permits to place ads on their buildings for the Chicago White Sox/New York Yankees matchup planned for Aug. 13 at the iconic movie site. Burkle and Mescher are teaming up with advertising firm Wilkins Media to make their request.

The requests went to the Dubuque County Zoning Board of Adjustment Jan. 7. Details of exactly what the advertisements will contain are sparse, but they would not be competitive with MLB interests, according to Zoning Administrator Tammy Henry.

“I think there will be more once we find out what they’re going to advertise, but now it’s just a matter of them getting to the meeting, speaking with the zoning board of adjustment and seeing what they want to get done and what the board is willing to approve,” Henry said.

The three properties are located on Dyersville East and Lansing roads, near the Field of Dreams movie site.

Mescher, of Dyersville, said he was approached by an advertising company interested in using buildings on his acreage to place ads. The property is right next to the Field of Dreams, so people would see the ads as they came into the movie site

Mescher said he did not yet know many details of what the company is planning. However, it does present an opportunity for him to bring in some extra income stemming from the coming game.

“I’m just taking advantage of an opportunity,” he said. “I don’t really have any interest in the baseball game.”

Spoden also said he intends to capitalize on the buzz generated by the game by using buildings on his farm for advertising.

Officials from Wilkins Media could not be reached for comment.

Henry said county officials do not yet know what the advertisements will contain, but that Wilkins Media has worked with MLB before. Their ads would be aligned with businesses and causes that MLB supports, she said.

In their applications for special-use permits, Mescher and Burkle wrote that the ads would be for agricultural-based clients and would welcome attendees to the Field of Dreams event.