Cyril “Cy” Feller, a World War II Veteran was honored at the Veteran’s Dinner.

On Nov. 11, American Legion Post 528 held its annual Veteran’s Dinner with an estimated 80 attendees.

“There were about 40 people who dined in,” said Mike Weber, one of the new officers for the post. “We had around 16 who did delivery, and around 30 who did carry out. We called up some veterans who we know couldn’t come out anyway. I think they were pretty excited up at Shady Rest; there are a lot of old veterans who don’t get out by themselves and we made a point to call some of them and ask if they wanted a meal. The numbers were down since a lot of people didn’t want to risk going out. We prepared for 125 meals.”

Weber is a Dubuque County Adjutant from Post 528. He and Pete McAllister, a Dubuque County Commander from Cascade Post 528, are the new officers for 2020-21. In addition to providing a meal for the Legion members, ceremonial honors were held as a part of the event.

“We read off the names of the veterans who died the previous year,” said Weber. “We also recognized continuous membership awards. This year, we had four members that had 50 years of continuous membership.”

The four were World War II veteran Cyril “Cy” Feller, as well as Vietnam veterans Thomas “T-Bone” Bruck, Michael “Corky” Dolphin, and Daniel Ostwinkle.

Weber explained the eligibility requirements for Legionnaires. “Currently, the eligibility to become a Legionnaire is that you have to serve one day of active duty in the service in any branch of the military. Up until last year, it was that you had to have served in a certain time period. The Legion operates from four pillars — veteran’s affairs and rehabilitation, national security, Americanism, and children and youth. A lot of the programs we do try to relate to at least one of the pillars. For example, the school events on Veteran’s day are part of the children and youth section. We also have an oratory contest coming up in December.”

The Legion hopes to hold future events and celebrate the 100th anniversary of Post 528 next year.