Leading by example, the Cascade City Council employs proper social distancing during its Monday meeting.

With warmer temperatures on the way and the hopeful beginning of the outdoor recreational season on the horizon, Monday’s city council discussed agenda items pertaining to the construction of the Cascade Municipal Pool, as well as the painting of the tennis/pickleball courts.

The council unanimously approved pay application number 10 to Ricchio, Inc., for the amount of $260,081, and application number six to Beck Construction for $306,065, for the city pool

Council approved the first change order with Ricchio, Inc., for the exchange of four lifeguard chairs and the inclusion of fiber mesh over six-inch steel wire mesh, resulting in an overall price decrease of $10,748. The council also approved change order number two, for the purchase and installation of a safety pad for the Vortex slide, which resulted in an increase of $2,422.

The last change order was with Beck Construction for a total increase of $13,975. The total is spread across several areas which include: a crinkle coat finish on the roof steel and trim on the bathhouse and mechanical building, modified ventilation for the chemical room, change to the parking lot from asphalt to concrete, the wrapping of beams in the concession area in 24-gauge steel in lieu of painting, removal of a sod area by the pool deck and replacing it with concrete, and removal of a tree by the pavilion.

Council also discussed the painting of the tennis courts with the inclusion of pickle ball courts at Community Park. Mayor Greg Staner mentioned that the Park Board had discussed the issue during its May 4 meeting.

One idea was to have one tennis court with the other side holding four pickle ball courts, but that would require purchasing portable nets and additional fencing. The board instead recommended keeping the courts as they were — two tennis courts containing pickle ball courts painted within them, with the same nets being used.

“I tend to lean with what the park board is saying, for the fact that it’s hard to sit here and say what we have more of in Cascade,” said Staner, referring to the number of tennis and pickle ball players in town.

Council went with the option the Park Board recommended.

Staner added a realistic statement regarding how the City and its residents will need to tighten their collective belts in the future, due to changes in revenue brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Our revenue will be changing the next fiscal year. The domino effect starts with the state and then to your local governments, and everybody is going to be affected. We need to make sure we watch everything within our budgets. There’s not going to be any room in the next fiscal year to do much.”

In other news:

• The council approved payment of the semi-annual incremental property tax rebate to River Bend Retirement Community in the amount of $4,680. This is the first year of a seven-year agreement.