Members of the Cascade High School Student Council picked up and delivered bags of donated food to the local food pantry, Nov. 11.

These bags had been left on doorsteps on Friday of the previous week to be filled with nonperishable food items by Cascade residents. This annual charity delivery is carried out twice each year, with the Boy Scouts managing the spring donations and the high school handling the fall. The teacher in charge, Hailey Rausch, reported that this year’s haul is significantly less than previous years.

While it was initially planned for this pickup to coincide with a fall cleanup event in the early morning, weather predictions caused this part of the service event to be canceled, according to Student Council President Nora Noonan.

“Basically, we were going to work with our Students of Prestige and Service, a group in our school that replaces National Honor Society,” said Noonan. “We were going to work with them to go around and clean up elderly people’s yards to help them through the season.

“The weather was getting really cold, and there was supposed to be rain, so we decided to call that off, but we’re still doing our food pantry pickup because we want to help people in the community.”

Noonan says that providing this service is mandatory for Student Council members.

“This is an expectation for our Student Council kids, and we really try to not make exceptions for it because we think it’s really important that all of us set a good example for our community and students.

The cancelation of the yard cleanup sped up the timetable for the pickups, placing them at 8:00 in the morning rather than the afternoon time that had been originally planned. The cleanup event will not be rescheduled.