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Andrew Smeins and Alyssa Meeker are planning an Oct. 10 wedding.

When couples get married, they spend months planning their ceremony and reception. Vendors get booked, a venue is selected and a DJ is hired to entertain the crowd following their vows. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many couples to push their wedding dates back.

Alyssa Meeker and Andrew Smeins are set to get married Oct. 10 at the Peosta Community Centre. Other pre-wedding plans, like the wedding shower and bachelor party, are set for the first weekend in August, but the couple is starting to feel uncomfortable.

“At this point for the wedding I’m not as nervous, but we are definitely not 110% comfortable,” Meeker said. “My bridal shower is something I have looked forward to for as long as I have looked forward to planning a wedding and that is starting to worry me.”

Her college friends also have a bachelorette weekend planned in Wisconsin, but the camp and state are currently shut down.

The couple met in 2009 when they worked at Fareway in Dyersville. They started dating in October 2014 and kept it going long-distance since she was still in school. They then moved to Cedar Rapids where they lived for almost two years before moving back to Cascade this past winter. Andrew asked Alyssa to marry him Dec. 25, 2018.

“I know we’ve both got some pretty great supporters in our lives and watching over us that will help us out no matter what,” Meeker said.

Many couples are not as lucky, as their wedding days have needed a massive overhaul. Rebooking is a challenge, but financially, having to change everything could hurt.

“I know that the most important part is that you are getting married,” Meeker said, “but the part that makes me the most heartbroken is the financial side. My heart goes out to all of the couples whose dream days have been completely flipped upside down because of everything going on. I hope that they all get the wedding they dreamed of some day, even if it’s not on their original date.”

As for Alyssa and Andrew, the couple has thought ahead in case COVID-19 ruins their wedding day. They will be getting married the day they have planned, no matter what. However, another ceremony and reception will happen down the road.

“We are determined to celebrate with our family and friends and make it work,” she said.