She speaks softly when she speaks at all, but shy 9-year-old Bella Frasher speaks volumes with her selfless actions.

The daughter of Bryan and Mandi Frasher, of Cascade, Bella makes goat milk soaps in the shapes of paws, cats and traditional bars, and donates 100% of the sales to Animal Welfare Friends shelter in Monticello, which also takes in and cares for Cascade animals.

Bella’s desire to help out the animals stems from her love of the family’s pets and her longing to do more to help the shelter in Monticello.

“Bella and I volunteered at the shelter and it really touched her heart,” said Mandi. “She was worried they would run out of toys, treats and beds.”

On their drive back to Cascade, the Frashers formulated a plan. “We talked about what we can do on the way home from the shelter one Saturday morning,” Mandi said.

Bella had previously raised money by making soaps for Cascade Elementary School, where she is a third-grader. “She wanted to do it again for the shelter,” said Mandi.

Bella’s mother explained that the family learned how to make the soaps from Pinterest. “To simplify it, Bella does the designing of what molds we use, the scents, pouring into the molds and the stirring of the ingredients.”

Soft-spoken Bella said giving the money she’s raised to the shelter makes her “happy,” and that she and the family have five cats of their own, plus a dog.

Not many children look forward to household chores, but for Bella and her family, the work involved in making the soaps is minor when compared to the amount of good it does.

When asked about what lessons the experience has taught Bella, her mother responded, “She said it is fun and makes her happy.”