Due to a procedural error, the Cascade City Council has been obligated to restart an ordinance from scratch involving the vacating of lot 1A Block 2 of Oak Hill. While the council was on its third reading of this ordinance Sept. 28, Councilman Bill Hosch raised the issue of the procedure’s legality, due to the first reading being held at a special meeting. The council members had not been properly notified that the issue of the lot vacancy would be discussed at that meeting, rendering any related actions taken at that moment unable to be moved forward according to city ordinance 17.04.

Hosch said, “At that meeting, we were told that we were going to be talking about the stormwater in the back, and we weren’t given notice of the fact that there were going to be two items. To my understanding, when I came into that meeting, there were no emails or anything indicating the two items, which is procedurally against what our city ordinance states.”

The council agreed to give the proposal readings a completely fresh start, with the first reading to be held at the next meeting.

The council discussed options and cost for improvement of the 2nd Ave SE water main but has yet to decide the matter.

At the end of the meeting, Hosch proposed that the plastic cougars at the swimming pool be covered during the times of the year that they are not in use, to reduce fading due to sun exposure.

“Typically, after 10-12 years, those things get pretty faded,” said Hosch. “They’re only used three months out of the year, and they sit out in the UV light every day of the year. It would make sense if we could possibly cover those and get three to four times the use out of them before they fade away.”

The council agreed that some sort of tarp or covering would prove useful in saving costs and labor on future maintenance, and has considered looking into the matter.