The Cascade City Council approved a switch from US Cellular to First Net for the city communication. The switch will include the installation of new antennas on ambulances and police cars, which will give them better phone and internet access when needing to tap into larger networks during emergencies.

All city phones will also have access to this service on a lower priority layer, as they are all considered emergency-related. The installation will likely take place over the next two weeks.

A motion was approved to install new storm intakes on Garfield Street SW at the 1st and 4th Street intersections. The total cost will be approximately $16,000. The current intakes were considered to be inadequate as water runs by them more often than through them, necessitating additional places to collect water.

After months of fine-tuning and editing the proposed stormwater ordinances, the council has reached a satisfactory edition. Copies will be sent out to developers and contractors for review before the first reading is held at the next meeting.

The primary goal of the ordinance project is a translation from technical engineer language to common terms understandable by anyone who reads it.

The council approved the Vacated Property Purchase Policy. This policy states that when someone requests to purchase a vacated street or alley, the per-square-foot pricing of the lot will be determined by the average value of the surrounding lots.

In other news:

• A little-used 290-foot portion of Nixon Street will be vacated by the city to be purchased by an adjacent private owner for parking and retaining wall.

• Rick Kerper and Steve Moran were reappointed for three-year terms on the Planning and Zoning Board.

• A motion was passed for the city to purchase new Christmas decorations, as the previous decorations were considered too old and worn to continue another year. The amount budgeted for the purchase was $8,000 from the city and $9,000 from municipal utilities.

• The Cascade Police Department has received its new patrol car, although it still has to be outfitted with the proper equipment before it can be deployed.