Dr. Cassandra Lange at Lange Orthopaedics with one of her patients who is feeling good getting back to where she wants to be.

Cascade native Dr. Cassandra Lange is opening a new medical practice in Cedar Rapids named Lange Orthopaedics. This practice will specialize in treating joint pain/arthritis, sports injuries, fractures, as well as other musculoskeletal conditions. Lange is currently the only surgeon in Cedar Rapids performing direct anterior hip replacements. She also does knee replacements, sports medicine, and shoulder surgery, some hand procedures and fracture care.

Lange graduated from Loras College, in Dubuque, and married David Lange, both beginning their journeys into the medical field.

“I first did family practice,” said Lange. “My husband and I didn’t go to medical school right after we got married. We worked for a while and decided it wasn’t what we saw ourselves doing for the long term. He went back to school first and is now a veterinarian, and then I went and did a family practice residency, but decided surgery was more my gig. I grew up on a farm and used to work a lot with my hands, and now I’m in orthopedic surgery.”

Lange began working in Cedar Rapids because she and her family wanted to stay in the Cascade area. After Dubuque didn’t work out for them, she saw there was work to be done in Cedar Rapids and eventually joined the Physician’s Clinic of Iowa. Now, as that business has grown larger, Lange has decided to set up her own practice out of a desire to facilitate a greater human connection between herself and her patients.

“As technology, practices, and systems get bigger, I feel like patients are made smaller,” she said. “When you come in, you’re a knee or a shoulder. You’re a problem who gets shuffled around. I want to have a small practice, not a massive organization.”

Lange said a top priority for her is focusing on personalized attention to each patient’s situation to educate them about their conditions to ensure understanding of the diagnosis, as well as surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Her practice is focused on engaging the patient and family in setting realistic goals for recovery and believes in the importance to have one touchpoint where the patient can get accurate information to help them recover.

Lange Orthopaedics will start in a temporary location at The Iowa Foot and Ankle Clinic, 1700 1st Ave, Cedar Rapids, while its clinic space is being prepared for patients.

For more information, call 319-666-2663 to schedule an appointment, or visit langeorthopaedics.com.