The building at 325 1st Ave. West in Cascade sits vacant Oct. 21, after PePaul’s Cafe suddenly closed after being open less than one month.

Cajun food enthusiasts waiting for the newness to wear off before visiting PePaul’s Café in Cascade can change their lunch or dinner plans because the short-lived eatery recently closed its doors for good after being open less than one month.

The restaurant closed and locked its door at 325 1st Ave. West suddenly sometime during the week of Oct. 6-13, after hosting its soft opening Sept. 13.

A post on the PePaul’s Cafe Facebook page, attributed to “PePaul’s Café Management,” stated, “We here at PePaul’s would like to inform you, our amazing customers, that we are officially closed for good. We had a nice run but due to lack if (sic) ownership responsibilities, we have decided to close.”

“We would like to first thank our manager, Chris Crowley, for all he has done to make these last few weeks work, and Sam Moman, for running our kitchen smoothly. We truly could not have done it without you both.”

“Last but not least, our loyal costumers(sic), the city of Cascade. We thank you for stopping in and enjoying some amazing food with us and overall having a good time. It was wonderful meeting new people and seeing old friends once again. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.”

Dennis Frith was the owner of PePaul’s. He originally planned to open late-June or early-July, but encountered delays with securing all the necessary permits.

Levi Stevenson, from Cascade, was excited when he first heard about Cajun food coming to Cascade because it is one of his favorites. “I ate there about half a dozen times. I really enjoyed it. I was really looking forward when I heard it was coming to town. The food quality was great.”

Pat Orr, who owns the building, said he was not altogether surprised. “He was always complaining he wasn’t getting help. I could kind of see it coming. He had never run a restaurant before and it just wasn’t his thing to do.”

Attempts to contact Frith were not answered.