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Coronavirus. A glass sculpture of the coronavirus (COVID-19) by Bristol-based artist Luke Jerram, which, measuring 23cm in diameter, is a million times larger than the actual virus. It was commissioned five weeks ago for the Duke University School of Engineering in America. Picture date: Tuesday March 17, 2020. See PA story ARTS Coronavirus. 

A Dubuque County resident who previously tested positive for COVID-19 has died, marking the first coronavirus-related death in Iowa, public health officials announced Tuesday night.

No identifying information about the person was provided, other than that he or she was between the ages of 61 to 80, according to an announcement. Details about when the death occurred weren’t provided.

“This death is a tragedy and a reminder for all of the seriousness of this virus,” said Patrice Lambert, executive director of the Dubuque County Public Health Department, in a press release. “However, it is also important that everyone understands that this does not mean Dubuque County is more at risk for COVID-19 spread or deaths than other areas.”

Most people who contract COVID-19 experience mild symptoms, but some people can suffer serious or even deadly complications.

In Iowa, officials announced Tuesday that another 19 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed.

None of the new cases were in Dubuque County, which has had six cases so far. No cases have been reported in Clayton, Delaware, Jackson or Jones counties.

The state's updated total of 124 represented an increase of 18% from Monday.