The Head Start Program, which serves the families of 225 children in Dubuque, Delaware and Jackson Counties, will continue serving families in those areas — but under new management — beginning Aug. 19.

Management of the program will transition from Operation: New View (ONV) to Community Development Institute (CDI). According to an ONV press release, Steve Drahozal, ONV board chairman, said the families being served will not see any interruptions, and ONV staff will continue taking and processing classroom applications for the year that begins the last week of August.

CDI is an interim management nonprofit headquartered in Denver, Colo. The organization operated under a contract with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services anywhere in the nation to maintain program operations and continuity until another local organization can be selected for sponsorship. ONV Head Start Program staff, classroom and component coordinators are being offered the same, or similar, positions with CDI.

Drahozal stated in the release, “Our number one priority is and has been providing Head Start services to families and children in our three-county service area. Our remarkable staff has done that. Our board made the decision that was best for those families and children. We are happy those services will continue because our communities benefit from Head Start.”

According to the release, John Wilson, interim executive director, said, “This ultimately was the best decision to permit the community to engage anew with designing a Head Start Program that will excel for (the families it serves).”