By just about any type of measurement, whether it’s by actual population numbers or something intangible like the values of its residents, Cascade qualifies as a small town.

Which is not to say Cascade’s reputation hasn’t been making noise among those in the musical community as a darn nice place to play.

A touring musician recently reached out to Cascade about possibly performing a free show when her travels bring her through the area, and as a result of her request, Jules Renato will perform a free set of family-friendly music Wednesday, June 19, from 6-8 p.m. at Riverview Park. Cascade Heart & Soul is hosting the concert as part of a night of food and music. The Adobos food truck will be selling food, and there will be free desserts to enjoy.

Renato first got in touch with an email to Linda Hoffman, who took the email to the Heart & Soul to see how best the town could accommodate Renato’s request.

“I am a singer-songwriter from New York currently based in Montreal,” her email stated. “I am doing a music tour called ‘A New Sound for this Small Town,’ and saw that I am passing through Cascade along my route. I thought it would be really fun to put on a free concert there for the people of your community.”

She stated that her impetus for performing in Cascade is cherished memories from her own upbringing in a similar setting. “I grew up in a small town called Oriskany Falls, located in central New York, and loved the summer concerts that would happen in our community. I really saw how music brought people together and it was quite a treat for us all, so I’m hoping to pass that on with my own work.”

According to Renato, she’s releasing her first album “Showing Up” in June for free on Spotify, so she’ll be playing selections from her debut album, along with some classic rock and folk songs. Hers will be an acoustic set, requiring just an electrical outlet for her amp and microphone, with the residents of the Cascade-area providing any accompanying applause.

“Truthfully, I’m not quite sure yet what my style is, and I think it’s something I am still finding and will continue to find as I grow,” Renato said. “I also think it will change as I do, but I think it will always be grounded in my own music preferences (jazz, classic rock, folk, indie, bluegrass). But, for now I say it is in the contemporary folk genre as that is where it has been so far.”

Renato’s music and videos are available on YouTube and Soundcloud, and on her personal website,