After reviewing three different options for ways to alleviate the cramped and overcrowded state of its present building, the Library Building Committee of the Cascade Municipal Library believes that a new building will help provide library patrons with what they need not only now, but what will meet their needs for decades to come.

The committee’s decision was part of the consent agenda approved at Monday’s city council meeting.

The committee met June 25 to discuss the issue, with the options considered being constructing a new building, building an addition to the present building or renovating the former Dance Factory.

Melissa Kane, the library director, shared some figures with the committee, including that 315 items were checked out on just one day, and there are typically 160 e-book checkouts per month.

According to Deanna McCusker, city administrator, the timeline for the project will be three to five years. The decision has yet to be made regarding the location of the structure, its size or design.

The committee hopes to get feedback from the public on what they would like to see with the library, now, and in the future. It was suggested during the meeting that the library host some type of event — along the lines of a “Sips and Tips” — to get people into the library to experience firsthand how small and cramped the present library is, and reinforce the need for a newer, bigger building.

The council took action on an agenda item they tabled at the previous meeting, concerning Tyler Street SE south of 5th Avenue SE. The motion was tabled during the June 24 council meeting, to give the City time to meet with all the affected property owners.

Mayor Greg Staner said Monday that they met with all the property owners involved. “The property owner that, while doing construction tore up the lower part of that street, is going to rebuild it and bring it back up.”

The City will seal coat the street.

In other news:

• Police Chief Fred Heim told the council that he had been invited to the Monday, July 15 meeting of the Dubuque County ATV/UTV Committee, which will be held at the Dubuque County Courthouse. Heim said that local mayors and police chiefs were encouraged to attend.

“I think they’re trying to figure out what other cities have, what we’ve done and what other places have done in Dubuque County,” said Staner. “I think it’s really good that they are. I wish other counties would have done the same before they set theirs.”

• Jake Deaver from MSA Professional Services, city employees Phil Gehl and Ben Frasher, and McCusker, met with contractors from Connolly Construction and Midwest Concrete to discuss Garfield Street. Midwest Concrete will reconstruct the failed sidewalks and driveway concrete where necessary, and will install thermal expansion in existing sidewalks to lessen the chances of future concrete failures.