The City of Cascade is looking into getting an ordinance on the books that will establish what is and what isn’t acceptable when it comes to the levels of maintenance on buildings taken by property owners in Cascade.

During their regular Monday meeting, the Cascade City Council looked at an ordinance that defines what constitutes a nuisance in areas that include general maintenance, rodents and vermin, foundation walls, roofs, drainage and more.

Mayor Greg Staner said that most of the surrounding cities have something similar in place and that what was in front of the council was approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

“It came from our city attorneys, and there are other cities that they represent that are currently using this ordinance,” said Deanna McCusker, city administrator.

Staner made it clear that the ordinance was needed to be able to address blighted properties and not property owners who may have small areas needing maintenance. “Right now, we have nothing to show for any type of enforcement on these properties,” the mayor said. “I really believe this is something we need to start putting in place.”

Councilmembers Bill Hosch and Steve Knepper made points that the ordinance had too much gray area concerning who has the authority to enforce the need for repairs.

McCusker said she could contact some of the other cities to determine what their enforcement policies are, and the council agreed to table the ordinance until more information is gathered.