Deputy: Cascade man assaults woman with snow shovel in town

The Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office made an arrest after fielding a report of a physical altercation on Delong Avenue in Cascade May 30.

Byron Jermaine Jones, 46, Cascade, was arrested for domestic abuse assault.

Authorities say an investigation into the matter revealed a woman had arrived to confront Jones about an affair he had been having with another woman. Jones came to the garage area, where the woman said he picked up a folding chair and struck her with it, court documents state.

Jones then picked up a snow shovel and began swinging it at her, documents state, and she covered her head, absorbing the blows with her hands, resulting in swelling.

A witness who called 911 stated they say the woman got struck at least five times and that it was loud. Jones’ mother eventually got between the two to break up the altercation, documents state.

Upon the deputies arrival, documents state the woman emerged from hiding, at which point Jones began yelling at her again. The woman told law enforcement Jones was dealing drugs, which caused him to begin running toward the woman until he was physically restrained by authorities and placed in a squad car until additional personnel arrived.

Court records show a no-contact order issued between Jones and the victim and that an attorney made an appearance on Jones’ behalf May 31.