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Campaign acknowledges first ‘wave’ of donors

The Cascade Wave of the Future project recently was kicked off and several donors have already stepped forward.

Donors are being acknowledged at the following recognition levels: friend — $1-999; pearl — $1,000-2,499; silver — $5,000-4,999; gold — $10,000-24,999; platinum — $25,000-49,999; diamond— $50,000-99,999; and sapphire — $100,000.

All donors to the project as of Oct. 5, 2018: platinum — Dubuque County Board of Supervisors; gold — Joan Hoffmann and CeAnn Brickley; silver — Jones County Board of Supervisors, Weave and Amy Manternach, Linda Takes Davis and Steve and Jan Supple family; pearl — in memory of Edna Mae Orr, Ross and Shontele Orr, Lyons Service Center, Nick and Jeanette Callahan, John and Sharon Donovan, Patrick and Ruth Rea, Von and Jean Denlinger and Insurance Associates; friend — W.P. and Deborah Stevens, Steve and Kathy Weber, Robin and Kandi Kolpin, Mark and Cathy Knuth, Don and Ellen Lindauer, Rich and Betsy Koppes, Nolan and Gina Hemmer, Kevin and Ann Grogan, John and Diane Gerken and Ken and Deanna McCusker.

Donations can be made directly to the foundation at: https://www.dbqfoundation.org/cascadewave or forms can be filled out at City Hall.