The Cascade P.D. reported:

• Nairobi Escobedo-Vega, 28, Cascade, cited for one-way violation, July 20.

• Maniuel Moncada-Vega, 25, Cascade, cited for public intoxication, July 20.

• Falicia A. Vega, 21, Cascade, arrested for driving while barred, July 23. Vega was also cited for equipment violation and an insurance violation.

• Rudy R. Ramos, 30, Waterloo, cited for driver’s license violation and no insurance, July 23.

• Johnny M. Supple, 20, Cascade, cited for equipment violation, July 24.

• Dwayne A. Brown, 56, Maquoketa, arrested for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, July 25. Brown also cited for speeding and registration violation.