Gov. Kim Reynolds enjoys a Chuckie’s Famous Tenderloin during a visit to the Great Jones County Fair. She is flanked by State Representative Lee Hein and Fair General Manager John Harms.

For the second straight year, Gov. Kim Reynolds made a stop in Monticello to take in the Great Jones County Fair.

Reynolds said she was invited by Rep. Lee Hein and Great Jones County Fair General Manager John Harms to come to the fair and was pleased that they were able to put together the visit fairly quickly.

“I’m just really excited to be here. It’s such a great county fair,” Reynolds said.

The governor got a quick tour of the grounds last year, when she held an agricultural roundtable on the penultimate day of the fair, but was able to take a more relaxed, in-depth tour of the grounds, have a Chuckie’s Famous Tenderloin and enjoy the night’s entertainment, Trace Adkins and Tim McGraw.

General Manager John Harms and Rep. Lee Hein likewise appreciated the governor’s role and participation in the fair board, thanking her office for the active participation they had on the board. They also appreciated the financial support given to local fairs, both in the annual $10,000 allotment given to the fairs each year and the board’s Blue Ribbon Foundation, which helps pay for infrastructure updates.

Reynolds also took some time to discuss various issues and initiatives that the state was working on.

Mental health has been a focus recently of local school boards and Reynolds discussed a new children’s mental health system. Teachers across the state are currently undergoing training to help them recognize the early warning signs. Reynolds hoped the new system makes it easier for parents to find resources to help get their children help when it’s needed.

“Hopefully, this infrastructure will help them better navigate through the system,” she said.

When it comes to rural initiatives, the governor said she’s got her eye on improving broadband access and the IWILL funding and is hopeful that action can be taken on both in the upcoming session.

On the issue of trade, Reynolds was hopeful that a vote could take place soon on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. At the upcoming National Governor’s Association meeting her predecessor and current ambassador to China, Terry Branstad, would be updating the governor on trade talks and opioids.

Reynolds just finished her first elected session as governor, after taking over from Terry Branstad after he accepted the position of Ambassador to China in the Trump administration. Having wrapped up her first session, she said the main lesson she took from it was slowing things down a bit and realizing there was time to get things done.